Hello Fellow Moonbeam Collators!

If you don’t already have 24×7 monitoring and alerting configured on your collator, we invite you to use ours. The code is just some BASH scripts (open source) we wrote that you run on your collator.  Alerts are then sent via https (curl) to the alerting server, which notifies you via email and/or telegram. We use this code ourselves and we already maintain the backend alerting functions. We are glad to contribute the monitoring services to the collator community.

Server checks include:
•    block production warning
•    collator service status
•    out of memory error condition
•    loss of network connectivity
•    disk space
•    NVME heat, lifespan, and selftest
•    cpu load average

See https://github.com/truestaking/mccm

See the Readme for installation instructions, and reach out via discord for help, questions, or to provide feedback.

We are looking for feedback and suggestions!

We hope the community finds this useful.