Stake Cardano

Step 1: Open Daedalus wallet

This guide will assume you are using the Daedalus wallet. This is the easiest way to stake ADA. If you do not have an Daedalus wallet, or have trouble following this guide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Open your Daedalus wallet (mac version shown on the right). Make sure you can see your wallet you want to stake from. The name of the selected wallet is shown in the center top of the screen. In the picture on the right, the name of the wallet we are interested in staking from is called “Staker”.

Click on the item menu on the fart left tab (circled in red) that looks like a hand giving a coin.

Step 2: Search True Staking

On the stake pools page search for TRU in the search bar (highlighted in red).

After searching, you will be able to see the True Staking Pool (TRU). Click on the TRU pool (highlighted in red), and click on the “Delegate to this pool” button that appears in the pop up.

Please note, you must wait for Daedalus to load in all pools, or TRU may not show up. If you have waited more than 30 minutes, and can still not find TRU, please contact us.

Step 3: Delegate To Pool

Follow the steps as prompted by the Daedalus wallet and highlighted in red.


Thanks for staking with True Staking! If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us through our website, or join our Telegram.

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